Game rules - We will use CIF rules plus ten second back court violation. 6th Grade (12U) Boys and older will use 29.5 regulation men’s. All girls’ games will use 28.5 regulation woman’s basketball. Teams will shoot One (1) and One (1) at seven (7) team fouls and double bonus at ten (10) team fouls.  

18 minute run clock per half – The clock will stop in the last 2 minutes of the game unless a team is up by 10 or more points and the clock will continue to run until the lead is less than 10 points. If a team is up 10 points or more at the 2 minute mark the clock will continue to run. If the lead goes under 10 points the clock will then stop until the lead is 10 points or more.
Overtime An overtime period will consist of two (2) minutes of stop-time. After two (2) overtimes consisting of two (2) minutes, there will be a one (1) minute overtime, after 3 overtimes the fourth will be a sudden death, first point scored wins (including free throws).
TimeoutsEach team will have TWO (2) timeouts per half. Each timeout will be 40 seconds. One (1) additional time out will be granted per overtime period. Unused time outs do not carry over into overtime. 
Warm ups - Warm ups and Half time may be limited due to time restraints. 
Jerseys All teams must wear a basketball jersey uniform; shorts and tennis shoes. Home team is the second team listed (or bottom team) and must wear white or light colored jersey. 
Tie Breaker System:
a) Head to Head Play–The team that wins the head to head competition between the two teams will move on.

b) Point System – A point differential system (among all the teams) will be used if three or more teams are tied. Teams will receive a maximum +/- 15 points. The team with the most positive points will be 1st place then 2nd place and etc. If two teams are still tied, they would revert to the first tie breaker system.

c) If all 3 teams are tied, then the team who allowed the least points scored win 1st place. Coin toss will be done if there is a need for any more tie breakers.   

Challenges All Challenges must be made before the game ends. Challenges will not be accepted after game. A game is considered over once the time clock has expired and both teams have left their team bench. An organizations first challenge is free, any after will have a cost of $50.00 per challenge. If you (the challenger) are correct, the team challenged will be disqualified from the tournament, if you paid the $50 then you will receive your $50.00 back. Once the challenge has been made, the proof of burden is on the challenged coach. If the challenged coach shows proof (a school photo ID or class photo/yearbook.) If the $50.00 was paid, we will reward the challenged coach by giving him the $50.00. Report cards and birth certificates can be checked by referees or a tournament official at random. Only Head Coaches can challenge another player, not a parent or fan.

**Any player who arrives after the start of the game MUST be already on the score sheet, the official roster and is subject to be challenged.

Protest regarding referees or scorekeepers WILL NOT be allowed.

All Players must be on the Rosters and Score sheet prior to beginning of game. If player(s) are not on the roster and on the score sheet and played, all games will be an automatic forfeit. If a player is on the roster and is added to the score sheet after the game has begun, a technical foul will be assessed. A player cannot play in two simultaneously games scheduled at the same time.
Playing on more than one team - Players are allowed to play for one (1) organization only. If a player is caught playing for more than one organization, the first team, that can be verified, the player plays for is his official team. If a player participates for any other team, all teams that the player played with may forfeit their game(s) and the player will be ineligible to continue in the tournament for both teams.

There will be NO refunds issued for any team entries, general admission, parking etc. for any team, parent, players etc. for a team that is forfeited and/or disqualified from the tournament or game(s).

All decisions made by the director are final.

Players are allowed to play on two teams if they are for the same organization and in different divisions only. A player may not play on a gold & silver team within the same division. All players MUST be on the official rosters for the teams that they are playing on. 

To play on Sunday, a player must have played on Saturday. The opposing coach must protest at the start of the game. (Exceptions to these rules may be allowed if arranged in advance with the tournament director)
OFFICIAL Rosters   - ALL players to be eligible for tournament must be listed on the team’s OFFICIAL ROSTER. Birth certificates may not be checked at registration, but must be with the coach or team coordinator at all times and must be presented immediately to a tournament official if requested. Any team not having all the required paperwork could result in a forfeit of all games and no refunds will be issued for team entries, general admission, parking etc. 

A player is disqualified if they are not listed on the Official Roster at the time of check in, no exceptions. A team may be disqualified and may forfeit the game for using an ineligible player. Official rosters must be turned in before the start of their first game.

Tournament Director has final say on all matters for player eligibility, forfeits, disqualifications etc.
Conduct All coaches are responsible for the behavior of their team, parents, and all bench personnel. There will be only one (1) coach allowed to stand on the sideline.  Conduct of players and coaches should be above reproach both on and off the court. Any misbehavior or misconduct, on or off the court, will be subject to individual and/or team disqualification from the tournament. No refunds will be given for admission or tournament fees.

Any Championship games that are called because of players,’ fans, or coaches’ misconduct will not be awarded trophies or awards.

All protest will be heard by the tournament director. All decisions made by the director are final.
Ejections - If a Team Coach, Assistant Coach, Athlete, he/she MAY be suspended for ONE FULL GAME (the following game) and will not be allowed on the property of the gymnasium. If a Spectator is ejected from any game they will not be allowed to entry to the facility for the remainder of the tournament. It is the responsibility of the Coach, Assistant Coach, or Team/Parent Representative to control the actions of their fans and players. It is also your responsibility to insure the ejected adult or athlete does not enter the property of the school.  One two-minute warning will be given before a forfeit is issued.  The Tournament staff reserves the right to remove any coach, player, or fan from the facility for inappropriate behavior.

There will be NO refunds issued for any team entries, general admission, parking etc. for any team, parent, players etc. that is ejected from the tournament or game(s).